Bridget’s Biography

Bridget was born Bridget Christina Sandmeier on September 25th 1973 in Tillamook Oregon. At a young age she moved with her family back to Lodi, California. Her parents divorced when Marquardt was in the fifth grade. Her mother remarried and Marquardt and her younger blood brother Eddie moved to their stepfather’s ranch, where they later gained a half-sister, Anastasia. Bridget attended Galt High School for her freshman and sophomore years and then transferred to Lodi High School from which she graduated in 1990.

She graduated from San Joaquin Delta College with an Associate Degree. She matriculated to California State University, Sacramento and graduated in ‘98 with a BA in communications and an emphasis on public relations. In ‘01 she earned her Master’s Degree in Communications from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. She later took a graduate level course in broadcast journalism through UCLA Extension, which was shown on the first season of GND (most notably when she had to walk out of her first Playboy shoot to attend her final exam).

On the advice of friends who suggested she pose for Playboy magazine, Bridget sent a letter to Playboy inquiring how to become a Playmate, before enrolling at San Joaquin Delta College. In 98 at the age of 25, Marquardt entered Playboy’s Millennium Playmate Search. In 01, Marquardt moved to LA and did local modeling jobs and small acting roles. After unsuccessfully testing twice for Playboy, she was invited to the Playboy Mansion and soon become a regular there. In October 2002 after more than a year of visiting, she was invited to move in and become one of Hefner’s girlfriends.

Bridget appeared with Holly and Bridget on seasons 1 through 5 as the main characters of The Girls Next Door. She also guest starred in a few episodes of Season 6. She appeared in Playboy’s November 2005, September 2006, March 2008 and February 2009 issues. She has appeared in several films and television shows, and even two music videos for Nickelback’s Rockstar and Weezer’s Beverly Hills. She also appeared as a “DX GIRL” with Kendra on WWE RAW. 

On June 1st 2007, Marquardt started her Bridget & Wednesday Friday Show on Sirius Radio 198 (Playboy Station). Later that October, Marquardt appeared as a contestant on the cable show The Search for the Next Elvira. She was one of the final six out of 20 contestants. 

Bridget is an absolute Halloween buff, stating on SEVERAL occasions that Halloween is her FAVORITE holiday ever. 

After leaving Playboy, Bridget hosted Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on Travel Channel, which debuted on March 12th 2009 and only did one season. It was record through October-January, 08-09. 

In April 2010, Bridget announced plans for her own reality show. The pilot will shoot in April and will cover her life after the Playboy Mansion and her current relationship with Nick Carpenter. It will air on A&E unlike Holly’s World and Kendra that appear on E! just as The Girls Next Door did.

In the September 17th 2007 issue of Star, Bridget stated that she was married, but separated and had been living in the Playboy mansion since October 2002. According to the interview, her husband supported her move to LA that they remained friends and that they were in the process of divorcing. On September 25th 2008, Bridget told E “I marreid my best friend when I was 23 but when I realized I wanted to move to LA to follow my dreams, we separated and eventually divorced”. In a Dec. 2008 interview, Bridget stated that she was single, and in early January 2009, it was reported Bridget had moved out of the Playboy Mansion to “become her own person”.

It it speculated that Bridget decided right after Kendra decided to leave, that she to, would not come back to the Mansion after Bridget’s Beaches came to an end. Which ultimately led to Holly leaving as well.

By the ass-end of 08 to very very early 09, it was reported she was dating Nicholas Carpenter, whom she is still with today. They live together in a house Marquardt purchased in Sherman Oaks.

As seen on various episodes of GND, Bridget has a Pekingese dog named Wednesday Addams, or “Winnie” and a black Persian cat named Gizmo or Gizzie/Gizzy.